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Christmas Pinball

Treat yourself to some holiday cheer and classic gaming fun with Christmas Pinball. Christmas Pinball is a Santa-approved retro style pinball game that is 100% free and fun for all ages. Launch your web browser and play instantly on any of your devices — no download, sign-in, or app store visits required.

Practice your hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and pinball scoring strategies on each of Christmas Pinball’s challenging difficulty levels.

Keep your pinball skills sharp by playing the Daily Challenge to see where your score ranks against fellow players.


The object of pinball is to use the flippers to try and score as many points as possible before losing the ball. Each pinball feature contains a different point value that adds to your total.

Please Note: After a ball is launched into the playfield, a “shoot again” light will flash between the flippers. If the current ball is lost while the Santa “shoot again” light is visible, a new ball will automatically be launched from the plunger without affecting the balls remaining.

Gameplay & Rules

Complete all five Christmas Pinball missions listed below. Each time the set is completed, all features on the playfield will reset and a multiplier will be added to the player’s score — 2x, 3x, 4x, etc. The player’s current multiplier will be shown, in the right bottom corner, next to the score.


  1. Light The Christmas Tree
    It’s 3 nights before Christmas. Each time the Christmas tree ramp is hit, a light on the playfield shines and another layer of lights on the Christmas tree will begin to glow. Hit the Christmas tree ramp 3 times to fully light the Christmas tree and advance to decorating cookies for Santa.
  2. Decorate The Cookies
    Shoot the ball underneath the Gingerbread cookie to decorate the cookies for Santa’s arrival. A light on the playfield will shine each time the ball passes under the cookie. 4 successful shots will fully decorate the cookie and prompt you to head down the chimney — indicated by a flashing arrow.
  3. Deliver The Presents
    Upon landing in the chimney scoop, Santa will be ready to deliver presents. A flashing light on the playfield will activate and a multi-ball session will begin. Deliver as many presents as possible by hitting the present ramp until all of the multi-balls are lost. Upon losing the last multi-ball, your original ball will release from the chimney scoop and you’ll ready the reindeer for Santa’s rooftop departure.
  4. Ready The Reindeer
    Hit each of the 6 reindeer drop targets to prepare the reindeer for takeoff. A light on the playfield will shine in front of each target after it has been hit. Upon knocking down all 6 targets, a flashing arrow will prompt you to climb up the chimney.
  5. Let it Snow
    Upon landing in the chimney scoop, a multi-ball session will begin. A light on the playfield will shine in front of the snow button. Hit the snow button as many times as possible to let it snow and enjoy a white Christmas. Once all of the multi-balls are lost, the ball will release from the chimney scoop, the playfield will be reset, and a multiplier will be added to your score.

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